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Description of Semerkand TV As Samarkand Television, we started our broadcast life on May 29, 2010 and we came up agains

Description of Semerkand TV As Samarkand Television, we started our broadcast life on May 29, 2010 and we came up against our valuable viewers. Our aim was to be a channel that you can watch with peace and joy. We said "We came to do the hearts" for this. We sincerely apologize to your eyes for bringing worthy things worthy of being out of sight to your heart. We are a religious and mystical channel. We broadcast in the light of our values. We carry out all our publications under the guidance of our specialists in the field with great sensitivity. It is our highest priority to not bring anything contrary to the tradition of the Ahl as-sunnah and al-Jamaat on the screen. But that does not mean we're just going to make religious publications. Religious, cultural, current … It means that we will make all our programs worthy of Muslims. We are aware that the television we have created, developed and brought to us by today's people is unfamiliar to our values. However, we do not accept the idea that we can not make a quality and watchable television by adhering to our values. For this, Turkey's first HD-enabled television kanalıyız. For this we produce almost all of our programs ourselves. We try things that have never been tried for this. On the basis of religious programs, we have a tradition of preaching, conversation and menace. Because religion is not something that has been started with television. Our ancestors have made great efforts to convey religion to people in the most accurate and most effective way and have left us a unique heritage. We are developing new religious program formats with ownership of this heritage. The promise of the Muslims is one. Times, places and conditions change only the way they are spoken. So, today, we are looking for ways to say it by taking advantage of all the possibilities of that ever-changing speech television. Culture, currents, women, children, family, news, economy, history, sports … etc are also included in our understanding of television. We even think that these programs have a special significance in order to remind us that our religion does not belong to a specific area of ​​life, and that it encompasses every moment. We also refuse to think that religious channels will gradually move away from their values ​​if they increase the quality and quantity of such programs. This idea is a projection of secularism. Those who recognize today's righteous Muslims know that Islam is the only way of life that suits people under all circumstances. Like everything is, television is the most beautiful state that fits our values. For your complaint and suggestions related to the application, or mail to.

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